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Hobbits = Rabbits?

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My brother insisted when I was 8 or 9 years old that I should read The Hobbit as he thought it was a great book. I was an avid reader, but could not get into the Hobbit - for some reason Tolkein's descriptions of the hobbits living in warrens almost, and their very name, conjured up an image of rabbits for me. It is now only after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies that I have been able to go back to The Hobbit and enjoy it, as I am no longer seeing Bilbo as a talking rabbit! Perhaps I need to work on my imagination skills... smiley - winkeye

Hobbits = Rabbits?

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Bleu Smoke

smiley - smiley I felt the same way with Neuromancer, couldn't get through it at all, but since watching the Matrix (and I should admit, I've seen it atleast 50 times), its taken on a whole new meaning.

Hobbits = Rabbits?

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If you want to read a fantasy novel that you can truly imagine the characters as rabbits read "watership down." It's actually quite good.

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