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Shannon Park

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Here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, one cannot escape some exposure
to naval history - especially biased accounts of certain long ago
battles with Americans.

Here, the Shannon is remembered as a neighborhood called
Shannon Park, once part of the 'married quarters' for those
serving in the Royal Canadian Navy. Now the three storey blocks
of apartments are mostly abandoned and the area is awaiting
'development' proposals.

An old theatre, now long since torn down, used to have a display
of murals on its walls, one of which showed the Shannon 'towing'
the Chesaspeake into Halifax habour.

Beyond that most Haligonians knew (fewer now know) very little
about the war except that many fortunes were made from prizes
disposed of in public auctions along the waterfront.

In fact, Samuel Cunard, later founder of the Cunard Steamship Line
began his fortune by winning the bid on an American freighter with
a load of coal which he proceeded to peddle from a horse drawn
wagon in the city streets.

The local Cunard family, for whom streets are named, continued
to be suppliers of home heating coal and later furnace oil until quite

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But I have digressed from my point, which is that there is much for
even a student of history like myself to learn and enjoy from your
essay on the Naval engagements of the War of 1812.

I especially enjoyed the link quotation describing the loss of the
Macedonian which I had never encountered before.
And I thank you for all your efforts.

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Shannon Park

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smiley - blush Thank you for your kind reply. It means a great deal to have someone so knowledgeable on the subject enjoy it so much. I did not know how much Shannon is still remembered in Halifax.

I was quite fortunate to find the Macedonian link, I find myself re-reading it many times myself, it really brings the battle and aftermath to life.

Some-place around here I have a book on the full history of the Macedonian. it was written by the great-great grandson of the captain who sailed the later ship of the same name to Ireland with food in the 1840's to help relieve the famine. The original was replaced by an almost identical ship in the 1830's

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