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Another Don't!

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Don't leave filling in your UCAS form and writing your personal statement until three days before the UCAS deadline.

If you have done the above - please don't spend the final hours before the deadline hassling your 'friendly' FE college librarian for her undivided attention to get it finished and checked.

I's been a bad day.smiley - steam

Another Don't!

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smiley - ok Very detailed and helpful entry.

Another Don't!

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I can sympathise Odo - I've had a similar day. Particularly fun was a student berating me for having the audacity to leave work an hour after I officially finish and for having lunch.

This is going to be a long week.

Another Don't!

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Always read thoroughly what you have written, and perhaps get someone else to read what you have written. I work in a University and used to see UCAS forms on a daily basis for six months of the year, for students applying for Arts, Media and Performance courses. Among the things I've seen written on personal statements are:

'I have known since I was a child that God intended me to be a photography student'. Course applied for: Animation.

Another Animation applicant wrote on her personal statement: "I really love Groaning". I assume she meant Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama. If she didn't, that's more information about her extra-curricular activities than we needed to know about...

'My interest in art started when I was just a small child when I was given colouring-in books and I didn't like them.'

'I am also a car hobbyist, spending hours taking bits of my own car apart to find out how they operate. Reassembly, however, is one of my weak areas...'

'I feel that I would really thieve in a course like this' - I assume he meant thrive, and isn't confessing that he is going to steal stuff from everyone.

Opening line – 'Since I can remember, I spent so many hours watching movies that sometimes I couldn't study well'.


Another Don't!

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*smiley - bubbly for HonestIago and herself*

smiley - biggrin It's all over for another year. All our applications have been sent. smiley - biggrin

<BB< - At least the accidentally humorous ones must break the monotony of plowing through the applications.

Another Don't!

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Another year, another batch of classics.....

".... to work with the public you need good punctuation...."

"... I'm resisting English Language to improve my grade and subject knowledge...."

At least they'll be finished and sent off before we break up for Christmas.

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