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Hi, great article.
In the suggested reading maybe you should include some of the novels by Philip Jose Farmer. Farmer has written a number of stories which re-invent or re-use other authors characters.

Of particular interest would be The Other Log Of Phinneas (spelling?) Fogg which describes a story which runs alongside Around The World In Eighty Days, involving an alien war in the Victorian age. Farmer also came up with the Wold Newton concept which attempts to link the old pulp fiction heroes with a meteor striking England and giving various characters special abilities.

Another author worth suggesting is Richard A Lupoff with novels such as Circumpolar and Countersolar(?). The first is set in a donut shaped world where there is a race to get to the other side of the world. It uses a number of real life characters in a fantasy setting. Very Jules Verne.The second novel concerns a journey to a mirror Earth which orbits our sun exactly opposite our Earth so we never see it. Again in a similar vein to TLOEG

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Are these books still in print? They sound really interesting. I'll have a look for them at the weekend. Thanks for the input

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