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I'll just let it grow

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I've been meaning to make an appointment for a haircut for a couple of weeks now. My previous hairdresser retired and I worry about how a new one will make me look, about having to explain how I want my hair, about being engaged in conversation by someone who doesn't give a stuff about me, about having my head touched by a stranger, and NOW you tell me I've to worry about what I wear as well!

This is too much to cope with. I think I'll just leave it for another week.

smiley - zen This is me with my hair getting longer.

I'll just let it grow

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smiley - laughSorry...I was only trying to help! smiley - winkeye

but, can I say that long hair suits you smiley - biggrin

I'll just let it grow

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Bloody brilliant entry, Rosie. (Why did you drop "the Wlonk"? I miss that!)

Hairdressers. I've given up on them. I cut my children's hair (they *ask* me to).

And I cut my own: I collect it in a big ponytail at the forehead. Lop off a chunk, so that the ponytail is about 17 cm, and the ends (bunched together) would work fine as a big make-up brush. Don't fuss to make it too even. It won't show anyway. Take the elastic out, flip head back and wash away the cuttings. Pretend it took hours at a fine salon, to get those marvelous natural looking layers.

smiley - towel

I'll just let it grow

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Thanks for the compliments...and I quite like your technique for cutting your own hair! Far less stress than enduring the 'Salon Experience' and probably quite cathartic! smiley - biggrin

I might go back to being Rosie the Wlonk, I returned to just plain old Rosie as I'm attempting to do a bit of illustration for other articles and want to appear sensible!!

Too loud too soon...not a good idea. smiley - winkeye

I'll just let it grow

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Cut my own hair just like that for years. Sadly married into a family of hairdressers. Having your mother in law, who thinks you are an awful hippy, cut your hair is not fabulous. Brings a whole new level of fear and excitement to going to the hairdresser though..sat down in the chair one day with very long hair with henna'd bits and got up with a sensible, chin length, brown bob. For those familiar with the frizzy, Irish curl and the equally frizzy Irish weather, not a good look. Have taken to cutting it myself again and judiciously using hair pins when going for dinner. I have also over the years received many expensive but unwanted hair related gifts. The rolls royce of hair straighteners is currently languishing in my cupboard along with a hair dryer with more fittings than a hoover. At least I didn't have to worry about what to wear smiley - biggrin

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