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You know you are the parent of small children...

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... when you start deconstructing CBEEBIES output.

Superb entry.

I disagree about Makka Pakka being the grandfather character (although clearly he _is_ OCD, he he he). I always worry about him being the weird kid that has no proper friends.

My son, however, identified with Iggle Piggle. He kept going and flinging his arms round random children and hugging them, just like Iggle Piggle does with Upsey Daisy. This went down less well that Iggle Piggle's hugs do though.

My cousin called her daughter Daisy. She had unwisely asked her two older children what they wanted to call their new sister. I wonder if there is a serious spike in the name's usage?

You know you are the parent of small children...

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It should be possible to check that. They (whoever they are) publish an annual list of the most popular children's names.

Here we go: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/naming/popularbabynames/

Drilling down into that, Daisy was at 22 last year, 27 in 2009, 32 in 2008, 24 in 2006 ... actually I think my phone is mis-aligning the names, so I wouldn't trust that I've got those numbers right. Probably best to check them on a real computer.


You know you are the parent of small children...

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2010 and 2009 are the same, then 31 in 2008, 24 in 2007, 25 in 2006, 28 in 2005, 32 in 2004, 31 in 2003

So, yes, there has been something of an upswing since the dip in 2008, but I'm not sure if it would prove anything.

I have another theory about Makka Pakka that I remembered after I'd finished the entry. The stone stacking may also be a primitive attempt at reproduction. The stacks of stones that we see inside his cave have the same appearance as the sets of three concentric rings which occur on four places on his body - the top of his head, in place of his ears, and at his tail. He has, in effect, made copies of his most obvious physical feature, and therefore, by extension, made copies of himself. He must be a lonely individual, seeking to find some form of immortality by littering the landscape with replicas of himself, so that he may never be forgotten.


You know you are the parent of small children...

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I think you have something there! But oh dear, now I am imagining him making himself little friends. Poor lonely unloved little Makka Pakka. All that performing menial jobs (cleaning) for the others is clealy just a way of trying to buy their friendship.

In fact, you've really got me going here and so now I am going to declare my interpretation, that ITNG is simply a metaphor for school. Iggle Piggle and Upsey Daisy are the cool kids, the Tomniboos are, I dunno, some cliquey but slightly uncool gang, let's say the music group members, the Harvoos are the jocks but the ones who in movies loom around supporting the cool kids rather than being cool themselves, and the Wattingers et al are the first years/ year 13s/ Freshmen class.

Whaddya think.

BTW I am really looking forward to the piece you promised on the Octonauts.

You know you are the parent of small children...

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You may have something there, too. Getting children into bed may be the Big Challenge, but equally school is the Big Adventure, and you want your kids in a suitable mindset to face the Adventure head on. So anything that teaches them about the realities of school life, even if it's just subliminal or metaphorical, will certainly help on that road.

Have you come across 'Timmy Time'? Timmy is the lamb from 'Shaun the Sheep' (so it's a spin-off of a spin-off - does that mean it should circle back? I think my head is spinning!), but this show is about him going to nursery. And while he does various school activities, and learns to ride a scooter and so forth, he also learn how to interact socially with the other animals in the nursery, and therefore the viewing child is introduced to the idea to having to play nicely with other children. Not that Timmy is prefect. There are times when he upsets the other animals, and has to go and make it up to them. All the animals are ultimately good kids though. None of them are deliberately naughty, just unaware of the effect their actions on others, and kids can tend to be occasionally.

And yes, I do want to do that Octonauts entry. It's just a matter of finding the time.


You know you are the parent of small children...

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Gnomon - time to move on

Inukshuk A950203

You know you are the parent of small children...

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Mol - on the new tablet

Well, that was a really helpful entry, thank you. The first time I saw In The Night Garden my head very nearly exploded. It makes more sense now.

My own children are now far too big for Cbeebies but we all have fond memories of our favourites. I used to like the Teletubbies (cos I got a 20 minute tea-break while it was on), and the Tweenies, which was full of top tips for managing young children, if you watched what Max and Wosserface do and say.

Meanwhile my niece is very much into the Octonauts, a programme I've never seen, so I'll look forward to that one.


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You know you are the parent of small children...

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