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The Sicillian Mafia.

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Gerard Flannery

This infamous organisation grew so powerfull through the unexpected outcome around Prohibition.They IE the do,gooders simply didn't see this outcome when they planned for a dry Country.Talk about the road to hell being paved with good intentions!!.Also the then leading Lawman J.Edgar Hoover [a closet Homosexual]who many now believe the Mafia had compromising Photos etc of him.Outright refused to even aknowledge the egsistance of organised crime for twenty years or so.This Idiot of a man would not say that the Mafia existed at all.This brought them plenty of time to get what they wanted in the way of city officials/Police/Judges and only now have the F.B.I.caught up with them.

The Sicillian Mafia.

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Gerard Flannery

What you write is correct.While this buffoon was chasing Red's under the
bed with his mate and raging alchoholic Senator Joe Mc Carthy.The Mafia
spread out from it's Eastern roots,all the way to the sunny West coast
and Los Angeles.Thanks to men [if indeed that is how you could describe
them]the United States was divided up like a Turkey on thanksgiving.Even
at this late date Hoover was denying it's existance.Then came the informant who was willing to break Omerta in front of a Court of Law,for
any "decent" minded lawman who would have resigned on the spot.However
this was not Hoovers way and he carried on even allowing the J.F.K. commision to turn into such a farce,with the magic bullet doing everything but writing it's own Autobiography.Hoover let these killers of a Democraticly elected President escape justice,for that and for the
other pretence'es he lived under his closet Homosexuality,Transvestism,
for whom he wrecked lives for as un American.This man was a sick national outrage,who should have been exposed for what he was.smiley - smooch

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