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Authentic? From whose viewpoint?

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I'm sure this is a quite tasty concoction. However, it makes no sense to link to this "tortilla" entry from promo text that is primarily concerned with Mexico.
In fact, the encouragement to "try an authentic tortilla," coupled with the footnote in this "Spanish tortilla" entry, implies unfairly that the Spanish tortilla is the real article, while the Mexican tortilla is a lame knock-off. In fact, the Mexican version might have a stronger claim to authenticity. Consider these little glimpses of culinary history (and, deponent admits, little glimpses are all he's qualified to flash in this area):
The Mexican tortilla was already a staple of the (maize) corn-and-beans-based Mesoamerican diet when the 16th-century Spanish explorers arrived. In this case the Spanish word "tortilla" was applied to an already long-established foodstuff.
On the other hand, potatoes did not even appear in Europe until those Spanish explorers made the return trip. How "authentic" does that make the tapas-style Spanish tortilla sound in comparison?
Oh, and regarding the "bland pancake" remark ... that's pretty much how I felt until I tasted tortillas fresh off the iron in South Texas and northern Mexico. Unfortunately, fresh corn tortillas don't seem to travel well and must be fully experienced on site.

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Authentic? From whose viewpoint?

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