A Conversation for Kissing with Confidence

Herpes Simplex

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Trout Montague

Don't go out expecting to get snogged if you've got a weeping scabby upper lip. Then again, I've heard that "... if you get it up there, you can't get it down there", so you might (might) be worth some attention.


Herpes Simplex

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Viojen 2*16+1+3+6=42. Fencing-it's escrime!

I'm not positive about this, but if I remember correctly the herpes viruses can remain dormant in your body and resurface at any time, and anywhere. This is true for both herpes simplex (genital herpes) and herpes zoster, which causes chicken pox. As you may know, the chicken pox virus can resurface as shingles in later life, after having lain dormant in your body for many years. But most importantly of all, remember, there is NO CURE FOR HERPES. So just think twice before kissing someone with a "weeping, scabby upper lip."

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