A Conversation for Kissing with Confidence

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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

The 'standard' trick is to eat mints, or chew mint flavoured gum. Does it work though? Like most air fresheners, mints will 'cover up' any other tastes, rather than removing them. The strength of the mint flavour will therefore determine how effective they are...

One slightly different method is to chew a sprig of parsley after eating. I don't know how effective this is - has anyone tried it?

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

Parsley works. It's so good, in fact, that you can use it in conjunction to a meal containing a fair amount of garlic and get that smell neutralised.

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The Ghost of Polidari

Old smoothy that I am smiley - erm, I've been known to carry about one of those breath spray things. They're actually pretty good, small enough to hide away inconspicuously, but with the added bonus that a lot of them are alcohol based! smiley - cheers

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have you tried the breath strips from listerine? They feel like they're disinfecting your entire mouth. I'm not sure how they work as far breath, cause I haven't kissed anyone since I've had them smiley - sadface

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Before you start any serious kissing, you should know your breath is fresh. If you need to think about it, it probably isn't. And you are not the best judge of your own breath. Chew gum, rebrush your teeth (and especially your tongue), or reach for the mints. Then go about your business.

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Myjo - Keeper of Decisions That Should Never be Made on Two Hours of Sleep

Those Listerine strips work wonderfully well. I swear by them in any situation, but particularly when prepping for a kiss. Just be sure it's fully disolved before you dive in, or you risk passing that burning, disinfecting sensation onto your sweetie, which can be quite a shock if they're not expecting it! lol

Myjo smiley - sleepy

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HaHaHA!! I never thought of that. Sounds like a good practical joke to me! smiley - smiley

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ghia return of >>

lick the back of ur hand and allow to dry... this is the best way to sniff out
bad breath

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cool trick!

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MissJonez Researcher 213755

I licked the back of my hand...and I just had a grilled cheese sandwich and milk by the way.
Point...I smell nothing.
does my breathe not have a smell? or does the trick not work for everyone? or do you need to have seriously rank rotten breathe before it works?

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