A Conversation for Surviving a First Date


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No, sorry, have no use for this. smiley - smiley
What I need is a personality change. My current personality doesn't allow for asking women out on dates. I much too indecisive and afraid of embarassment, which combined with not knowing any women dooms me to the single life.
For christmas I'd like a visit from smiley - cupid.

If I ever have a date I'll come back to this entry though, the advice seems to be good.
smiley - ok


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Reading this entry, no matter how well thought out and organized, stole fifteen minutes of my life. Everything here is taken for granted. I've followed EVERY guideline here (which was told to me from every person I've ever made human contact with, minus my date), and on both occassions (yes, I've only got on two dates my whole life, alright?) they ran away in horror before I could even bid them goodnight. I'm nice, I'm polite, well-groomed, honest, funny...smiley - cool I can't even get a "Yes" out of anyone, and I'm quite frankly puzzled over why those first to ladies went out with me at all (I couldn't even get a solid sentence of dialogue out of them). This one time I asked out my bank teller who seemed to remember me (which is odd, considering how popular my name is with hundred of other clients), and in a state of panic, she blurts out "I'm getting married!" I STILL have yet to see a ring. THe other day I was chatting up this cute cashier at Hot Topic. I was buying a Batman belt buckle and we started talking comic books. The conversation continued and I was amazed by how much we had in common and how comfortable we both were with each other (usually talking with attractive women is a bit more awkward).smiley - loveblush Before leaving the store, I asked her out since my other plans for the evening had cancelled. SHe said no, there's a guy she's seeing. I politely bow out, saying our goodbyes, then I meet one of my friends who knew her. She hadn't a boyfriend.smiley - sadface Am I that repulsive?? Am I that unappealing that absolutely EVERY girl I meet lives either 100 miles away or has a guy and no interest in ever telling me she's broken up with him???smiley - wah

Okay, I'm done ranting now, I'm sorry...smiley - erm


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Well RobDollar...Sometimes women just get scared by getting asked out by a person they barely know.
I know that if a guy I just met or just see at my job asked me out, I would problably say no, even if I am attracted to them...you can't really take any chances with all the freakos out there.smiley - tongueout

Maybe you should wait and become good friends with them first, let them know for sure that you are not going to take them to the back of a truck, disembowel them and eat their innards.smiley - erm

I dunno, maybe you are coming on too strong...

Let me know what you think

smiley - diva


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And no, I'm HARDLY being too strong. I'm simply doing what our damned society has proclaimed to be the duty of the male and make the first move. We all know you ladies are holding and have always held the cards, and we have no power whatsoever. They just all beat me down without ever getting a chance to know who I am. Yet I'd wager that if some pretty boy who might be bi asked her out, she'd be all over him like stink on a horse. <smiley - sadface

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