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Other Notes on Origins and Developments

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There are a bunch of official and expanded universe variants not included in this entry.

TIE Scout - featured in the roleplaying game and collectible card game, used for recon missions.

TIE Boarding Craft - unused concept for A New Hope.

TIE Shuttle - vessel used by Captain Needa in The Empire Strikes Back to travel between his Star Destroyer and Vader's ship.

TIE Avenger - the strict name for the TIE Advanced mentioned in the Entry.

TIE Scimitar - classification of enhanced fighter ordered into production by Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Expanded Universe novels.

TIE Phantom - a prototype fighter with cloak/stealth technology, featured in the Rebel Assault II game.

There are others, but that shows the breadth of TIE craft.

In addition, it would have been worth mentioning the striking resemblance between the TIE Fighter and the rear profile of the Sith Infiltrator from Episode I. Given that much technology will eventually become 'Imperial', it seems reasonable to believe that the silhouette of this craft influenced the design of the early TIEs.

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Other Notes on Origins and Developments

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Note also the TIE-Defender featured in TIE Fighter (the video game). This was encredibly armoured, had 6 laser and 4 ion cannons (or maybe 4 and 2) carried a sitload of torpedoes/missiles and was also very fast. Of course that was why it was always sent agianst a few capital ships.

Other Notes on Origins and Developments

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I'll add that extra info now smiley - ok

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Other Notes on Origins and Developments

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