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I've always warmed to the amusing idea that Notradamus' 'predictions' all stem from a copy of a Chronicle of the 20th Century lost in time. Unable to understand the modern language, he makes vague guesses as to the meanings et voila! One bona fide fortune teller! smiley - biggrin


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Sounds good to me smiley - biggrin


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Martin Harper

But it might be that he got a chronicle from the 25th Century - which would be why he's so inaccurate! smiley - smiley



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Nah - He'd of predicted that Buck Rogers would save the Earth from certain doom smiley - laughsmiley - biggrin

Nostradamus -the clearest prophecy was woefully wrong

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So what did happen in July 1999?

There was a marked absence of Great Kings of Terror descending from the air to total major cities like Paris - unless he got the year wrong. But he did very definitively say 1999 and Paris, not 2001 and New York?

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