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... and I have to correct the year, Lucilinburhuc is mentioned in a document from 963 granting Count Sigefroi (Siegfried in German) the right to build a 'castle' (It was really a fortifed country house) and collect taxes from the travellers on the roads through the little village that was in what is now known as 'Grund'.

The document can be seen in the local museum and the place where Sigefroi's castle was later to be very extended and is now a part of the later Vauban-fortification. It is possible to go and see excavations of the various forts at the cradle of the city.

Will read your entry more thoroughly and comment on it later.

Nice that people know that Luxembourg does really exist smiley - winkeye

just glanced it quickly...

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I once enjoyed a trip to Luxembourg in the long ago 1980's when a fellow Scot Stuart Henry worked at Radio Luxembourg and Mike Knight was the station Manager ah those were the days those were. the radio station and a pub were the only the only places I saw. maybe oneday I'll return for a visit Lovely place with friendly people.

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