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money can't buy you self-esteem but...

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From my observations material goods don't get you self esteem. Actually any minor ego boost a new purchase gets you will swiftly reverse it self when you realize that no one else thinks you are cooler. Or that under it all you are still you. Many people change jobs, move far away and alter their lives in order to rid themselves of a depressing situation. But whatever you do, whereever you go, YOU are always there.

If you ask me. Which in a general sense you did. The key to self esteem is apathy. The less you care the better you feel. I find that aggresive people get what they want in life. So the key to life is this: 1) figure out what the heck you want 2) go get it 3) stop worrying about the consequences...


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money can't buy you self-esteem but...

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