A Conversation for Building Confidence and Self-esteem

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Quite frankly I really don't care what other people think of me unless it is something that I do that upsets them. I stand on who I am and what I do, if that's not enough, move on. If someone doesn't like my personality there are plenty more to choose from. Some others seem to and if I usually like theirs, so much the better. If I was disgusting and obnoxious it would be of some concern to them and me but it hasn't been. I am loved and I love, do I really need much more than that? What talent I have is there and should grow with time hopefully, what people skills I have are based on consideration and kindness. Why should I improve something that seems to work the way I and my friends mostly want it to? Confidence and self-esteem are attributes I relate to pushy boors and people who want to talk about themselves.

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Researcher 205282

Oh, more of that.

the whole idea is grosley over rated anyway. it is clearly an invention used to sell books and keep counsilors employed.

The less we worry our selves about self esteem(and the other buzz words in the self-help lexicon) the less in dought we will be, and therefore, the more confident. Have you noticed that the same minds who poo-poop ideas like 'machesmo' also peddle self-esteam? this is due to the principle that says that the new generation of book buyers will eventually arrive, all you have to do is change the titles around and rename a perfectly good, old idea, repackege anf resell it. Or, in plainer terms, "There is a sucker born evry minute!" I was born in a minute, but i'm older than that now.

your obt svt- Grwm Brock ap Gawr(stepson)

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Machismo has nothing to do with it. I don't feel I have to compare sizes with anyone. Swaggering braggarts are people I stay away from, and they usually say they have machismo if they are male. Domineering personalities in general are usually a sign of a lack of self-confidence or over compensation. If not that they are people with a desire to push their point of view on others. Popeye said it best- *I Yam Wot I Yam an' Dat's All Wot I Yam*.


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Researcher 205282

so confedence in males is bad, being massagenistic and therefore false, being also deserving of mockery. but in females it's call'd selfesteam, has been a long time com'in and is over due! nooooow i get it.

see, this is where you and i agree: the need is for more SELF and less HELP and fewer books. wether we are running in front of bulls or trying to "get in touch" the result is the same. some one has SOLD us on the idea that doing the thing THEY recommend will make us feel better, not so?

when ever you listen to THEM you've given some self away, and there is no helping that.

Stand on your own dam feet!

bb from -G

btw, i looked at your prof. i grew up in Chelan Washington and spent some time in Seattle. i trust the coastline is where i left it?


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clzoomer- a bit woobly

You can express your manhood in any way you want, short of flaunting it in front of me. I tend to worry about changing my clothes and showering away the sweat in gym change rooms, not anything else. Women respect me but don't do what I say (unless it makes sense). I really don't care what you think about me and that was my point.

The coastline is the same as when you left, except that the coast north of the border is less commercialized. (And the signs are properly spelled). smiley - biggrin


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Now I'm annoyed - I want machismo for women too, why should only half the population be entitled to it? Perhaps we could do a swop, you can have the self-esteem I'm off to swagger a bit and get sweaty.


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clzoomer- a bit woobly

I think all the population is entitled to it, just very few choose it. And sweat can be sexy if someone is squeeky clean.

I Yam the I Yam

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Sounds to me like someone who has never been lacking in self-esteem in the first place. If thats the case, Good Luck to you.

But until you have been there, you don't know what it is like.


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univalent endymion

i have a really bad self esteem problem. i cant look people in the eye that i dont know and often when i am walking along i end up staring at the ground instead of looking up and walking with shoulders back and head up etc. a lot of people make fun of me because of that which just makes my problem a lot worse. :'(

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

When 'I' becomes 'i' it looks like your self esteem is indeed lacking. I think you need to look yourself in the eye first and then deal with what other people do or do not think of you. Most of the time they're wrapped up in themselves and their own problems. If they are judging you they're another kind of self-loather, learn to say "S***W YOU!" in your head! Or even better, learn to laugh. Make yourself laugh and then make others. It's the best social lubricant in the world.

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You must not concern yourself with your level of confidence it will only damage your confidence. Morrissey is possibly your greatest role model.

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