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Alkanes are unreactive???!!!

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Well I wrote that in an essay when I was an undergraduate and got slated for it.

Try lighting a match next to one said my tutor.

I think what you mean is that they don't perform very many interesting reactions and have no useful functional groups to manipulate.

A compound that is potentially explosive is hardly unreactive smiley - winkeye

If you want an unreactive chemical try silica!

Alkanes are unreactive???!!!

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oops, apart from that - nice article smiley - ok

Good to see the chemistry section of the guide getting an expansion. smiley - smiley

Alkanes are unreactive???!!!

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That's a very good point - the wording of that sentence was very sloppy. smiley - doh

Thanks for pointing it out, and I'm glad you liked the rest of the article. smiley - smiley


Alkanes are unreactive???!!!

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smiley - ok

As I said, once upon a time I wrote the same thing myself, otherwise I probably wouldn't have spotted it smiley - biggrin

Alkanes are unreactive???!!!

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alkanes are unreactive because they are in stable condition.remember..alkanes contain only single bond...i give u an analogy..when we are feel comfortable with our condition,of course we will be relaxed..so it resemble the alkane,alkanes become unreactive because it stable.smiley - blush

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