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Pride is not one of the sins.

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The Brian

Pride is not one of the sins. This idea was based on the misinterpertation/translation of the word hubris. People initially though this translated to pride, it doesn't. The actual sin is arrogance.

Pride is not one of the sins.

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Most English words have various shades of meaning - 'Pride' is certainly one which has many interpretations.

To quote from a standard translation of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica:
"Pride is said to be the beginning of every sin, in the order of the end, as stated above (I-II:84:2): and it is in the same order that we are to consider the capital sin as being principal. Wherefore pride, like a universal vice, is not counted along with the others, but is reckoned as the "queen of them all," as Gregory states (Moral. xxxi, 27)."

I will continue to accept Thomas Aquinas and Gregory as reliable sources on this, since, as the entry points out, they were the ones who popularised the idea of Seven Deadly Sins. If the standard translation of the word they used is 'pride', then 'pride' is definitely one of the 7 Deadly Sins...

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Pride is not one of the sins.

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

Hubris sounds bit more on target. It's the classic sin.

On the other hand, christians of antiquity weren't really in favor of high self esteem.

Pride is not one of the sins.

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The original hubris was a very *pagan* failing, though - it really belonged with the old Olympian pantheon, rather than with Christianity. I think pride was very much the worst sin for the early Christian fathers - their views don't sit well with modern thinking on self-esteem at all!

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Pride is not one of the sins.

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Certain sins may exact a deeper level of punishment in eternity but there are no specific " deadly sins. "

Sin has has no gradiation in terms of its deadliness. All sin is deadly.
The sinful, unregenerate state of fallen man is what takes a lost soul into hell. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ can sin ever be forgiven and it requires saving faith in His redemptive work to find that salvation.

People are deluded in thinking that they can make heaven by simply keeping away from the so-called " deadly seven. " That is quite a foolish perspective.

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