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"Artistes du spectacle"

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Yup, been there, done that, passed the hat.

Along with a partner, who could actually play guitar whereas i plunked enthusiastically & totally unknowingly on mandolin & sang; we managed to support ourselves (only just at times!)for about 3 years. Not that we had any choice; when you are booted out of a country with $10 & a guitar & a one way ticket to Athens...

We became the "official" buskers on Greek island Hydra, then eventually here in France. Unlike most of the "casual" types, this was our only income; so we took it seriously. We were always scrupulous about asking permission from the "patron" to busk on the terrace in Summer, so in Winter we were invited to busk inside the restaurants, nobody else was; we made more in winter than in summer.

It does take a lot of brass neck cheek to enter a room of 200 people on a stag/hen night & screech "OK Folks, ya ready to Twist & Shout?" but it's bloody brilliant when it works!

Total showmanship, the highs are high (£200 from a guy "if you play Yesterday while i propose to my girfriend") & the lows intense "it's rained all week & we are starving in a cave"

You absolutely MUST smile; nobody will give to a grumpy busker. Eye contact. If possible dance with them!

Great Entrysmiley - applause & here's several euros in the hat Annie!


"Artistes du spectacle"

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - dohOh I wish you'd have told me all this while it was in Peer Review, I'd have added all your experiences.

I love that: £200 from a guy "if you play Yesterday while i propose to my girfriend"

oh how romantic.smiley - cupid

I'm so pleased you liked my entry, I researched it as much as possible, but I never found anyone onsite who had busked nor do I know anyone in RL.

Thanks for the great feedbacksmiley - hugsmiley - cheerupand well done on survivingsmiley - ok

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