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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

From one fan of the sport another, that's a damn fine entry...It's just a shame that the bigger feds have tossed the genre aside now that there's no more they can do with it.

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Johnny Regular

Folks will always try to push teh envelope, only, after 7 years of pushing the in-ring product, they gotta focus on the storylines now, and it isn't pretty.
Still, the ECW tapes I got are getting watched a lot.

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iwa mid south king of the deathmatch 2001. for hardcore, nuff said!

Hardcore Heaven

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greatest hardcore moment rhyno vs raven (wwf) i think it was backlash 2001 when they showed y ecw was the kings of hardcore great moment wen rhyno gored a shopping trolley

best match for hardcore comedy wrestlemania xv1 hardcore battle royal crash defending against kaientai, acolytes, hardcore holly, headbangers, mean street posse, viscera and tazz

a great match with loads of title changes with funaki, hardcore holly, thrasher, pete gas, rodney, joey abs, viscera and tazz all becoming hardcore champions

it was won by hardcore holly after using a jar of sweets smashing crash over the head with the glass

those 24/7 days were wonderfully comedic headbangers funniest tag team in history

al snow funniest wrestler in history and former hardcore champion

two women have also been hardcore champions

one of the godfathers working girls ad molly holly

godfathers girl was either victoria or bebe

victoria now of course with steven richards wasnt she the girl right to censor put through the table

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