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It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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..that I am typing this in my lunch hour, working as a programmer in a bank due to buying a Spectrum in 1983 and getting into computers.

A curse or a blessing? At least his car bombed smiley - nahnah

It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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Nice entry by the way smiley - ok

It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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Is mise Duncan

I also started programming on the ZX-81 and am now programming for a living. If he got even 1% of the income he has allowed the UK programming industry to create he would probably be richer than Bill Gates!

I second the "nice article" sentiment too...

It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page


so impressed with myself that i understood it!

It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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Thanks! smiley - blush I enjoyed writing it... and I can exclusively reveal that doing so is going to cost me quite a bit of cash.

Since doing the research for this article, I've bought a Z88 off eBay! (£39!!! Bargain!) I'm now in the process of buying some stuff to go with it (over £100! Not quite such a bargain!). I can heartily recommend one to anyone who just needs a computer to produce text files on the run - no need for an overpowered, melt-your-thighs laptop. This thing runs for 20 hours on four walkman batteries, is completely silent and solid state (no disc drives or fans) and weighs less than a kilo. It'll do most of the things those poxy little PDAs will do, but with a full sized keyboard you can silently touchtype on! I love it!


It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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Martin Belam

what a great entry. the two big interests in my life are music and computing, and its that little zx spectrum that got me into computing. i still remember spending hours typing in BASIC code from magazines just to get some blocky graphics to limp around on my parents tv. i guess i've been lucky because i used to work in record shops and now i work on websites, so i have always got to do for a living what i enjoy - but sometimes when i am doing a bit of perl scripting these days i long for a sinclair style keyboard with all the commands printed in grey on the keys for easy access. that was the genius of that little machine - a one keystroke programming system

It's all Sinclair's Fault..

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