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A phrase I find very when explaining people how to defend themselves against HIV/AIDS:

"Do not let blood, sperm, vaginal fluids or breast milk come in contact with your skin and, more importantly, mucous membranes."

Mucous membranes are everything that is "pink and wet" - covering your mouth, vagina, rectum, eyes, nasal cavity... Don't forget the head of the penis.


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Dr Hell

Thanks for your comment Mojci. Exactly that is also explained in the Entry, however, in a less direct way.

I hope you liked the Entry.



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I did like the entry very much as it covers most of what there is to know about HIV and AIDS.

The phrase I posted is the shortest and most consise I've come across. I have more than once experienced really basic questions from people who have read or were expected to know as much about the disease as is written in this entry. Sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes as a wish to get extra reassurance or a secret hope to get "approval" for their risky behaviour. I learned when I was involved in education about STDs that very different things work for different people; some needed all the background information to decide for safe sex, others wanted to be told specifically they would not catch HIV by looking at a toothbrush but oral contraceptives would somehow not protect them...

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