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Wine Making

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The Average Joe No One EVER Suspects

I remember when I was just a little Joe, my Granpa made home made wine in an old five gallon bulk laundry detergent bucket, covered with a towel and rubber band. He would use store bought green seedless grapes, crushed by hand, lots of sugar, and ordinary baking yeast. Very sweet stuff as I recall. I even helped crush the grapes. The strangest thing, though, is I seem to remember that despite the rubber band holding down this towel, there would almost always be a little green tree frog in the bucket...

Wine Making

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Was the green tree frog generally merry?

Wine Making

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The Average Joe No One EVER Suspects

I don't remember, but it did hop sideways...

Wine Making

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Dave M - touched by an angel once known as Caroline400

Hi, I have just read your article, and I must say it is very well written.
You obviously know what you are talking about.
I used to be a member of a wine circle, but sadly it went defunct.
It is several years since I made wine, but I still have all the equipment, and I may start again, your article has re-kindled the spark! smiley - smiley


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