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Master of Complete Tosh, Keeper of the Tea Money

Your sitting there relaxing in the warm feeling you get when your entry is published in the guide when some saddo with nothing better to do with their time has to point out an error.

Goa is not an island, it is has a land border with India.


It is a common mistake, because Goa was never "administered" by the British, but remained a Portugese colony until it was "re-claimed" by India in 1961.

But apart from that, good article. smiley - ok

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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

That's what I was about to say ... pipped to the post.

Good article though ... smiley - ok

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It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out. smiley - smiley

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...but surely the English had shown they could fight prior to the battle with the Portugese mentioned - Agincourt for example smiley - winkeye

Maybe you meant that for the first time they had shown they could fight *at sea*? smiley - bigeyes

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I thought they already had sea battles in Europe with Dutch/French/Spanish?

Armada 1588 etc.?

Pick, pick, pick.

Lovely article, though.

Call me Mr Picky also

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Enjoyed the article. Thank you.

Call me Mr Picky also

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Didn't really defeat the Spanish Armada in a pitched sea battle though - they lost mroe through storms and the like really...

Call me Mr Picky also

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Jahangir Khan, to the best of my knowledge, was a Pakistani squash champion. The Mughal empereor of India was simply "Jahangir" unless of course one decided to prefix a train of ceremonial forms of address.


Our 3 chief weapons are.. ahem!!

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