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British National Anthem

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Google brought me to h2g2 to hear the British National Anthem, music from which is also the music for the American Patriotic Hymn, "My Country Tis of Thee". (My Google search was simply to confirm this to be the case) I noticed the following "Canadian extra verse" listid in the various lyrics that are used, and couldn't help but wonder if the Canadian Parliament has now totally disassociated itself from the spirit and principles implied:

Our loved Dominion Bless
With peace and happiness
From shore to shore
And let our Empire be
Loyal, united, free,
True to herself and thee
For evermore.

Clearly, the blessings of Almighty God are sought, and the desire expressed that He would intervene to make the nation "..loyal, united, free, True to herself AND THEE. (GOD and his standards implied).

I raise the question about the Canadian Parliament because of their recent action to recognize 'gay' marriage, which completely ignores God's undeniable loathing for the sexual practices of homosexuals, as expressed in His Holy Word. (He calls it an "Abomination", something God hates with an especially intense hatred)

In legislating to recognize same sex marriage, the Canadian Parliament has set themselves above and in opposition to God, thus they are untrue to their founders (who embraced the British National Anthem and the values/standards embodied in its lyrics), and to God, from whose Biblical statutes those lyrics came. I wonder if they now feel they no longer 'need' God's blessings, and therefore have elected to defy his standards, having trusting their own instead.

British National Anthem

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such amazing christian tolerance ... I bet that's one of them redneck christian fundamentalists!

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British National Anthem

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