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The Johnny Pocket

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Researcher 202200

I remember reading in a 'Questions and Answers' type thing in the paper that that small pocket in your jeans is actually called the 'johnny' pocket, and is made that size as it used to be used for storing condoms.

The Johnny Pocket

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Two southcoast lovers

them there pockets in jeans have been there a long while part'er, when did condoms cum out?

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The Johnny Pocket

Post 3

Sea Change

I still use mine for a pocket watch, which is what I was told it was for when I was a kid.

The Johnny Pocket

Post 4

Uncle Ghengis

Condoms (of sorts) have been around for a couple of thousand years or so. (Well, the ancient egyptians had them anyway)

The Johnny Pocket

Post 5

Sea Change

Nowadays some jeans and slacks are getting mobilephone pockets. Certain men's underwear have pouches. Maybe an overtly condom-specific pocket isn't so outrageous.

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