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In painting bridges they wanted a colour that would really stand out so someone came up with a paint called "International Orange" and painted the Golden Gate bridge with it. It is also quite often seen on safety vests worn by crossing guards.
then there are the tree leaves of autumn. During the summer they look green, but as the days get shorter the trees get ready to shed their leaves and the green used for photosynthesis is no longer produced and recessive colours come to the fore. At this time many trees become orange.

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Taff Agent of kaos

think you'll find the trees suck the chlorophil back into the body of the tree and the resulting colours come from the leaf drying out!!!!

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In years where there is very little rain the leaves are drab colours because the leaves do just that. But in years with plenty of rain the colours are vivid because they have stored up all these pigments.
It is not just a case of dried leaves.

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