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Six Bad Boys

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Sho - employed again!

anyone else read this? I was so petrified of being naughty for months after some of the lads (the working class ones, I think) were sent to Approved School.

In fact, I think the only middle class boy in this got off with a severe telling off.

Six Bad Boys

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Oh yes! The social stereotyping is horrifying these days:

"Len & Fred had no father. They ran completely wild. Their mother didn't bother about them in the least. They cheeked her, took money from her purse when she left it about, and were quite out of control.

Patrick had no mother, only a father who had no time for him, but beat him regularly "just to keep him in order", so he said. patrick hated his father & kept away from him as much as he could.

Jack had both mother and father, and two brothers & three sisters. but as they all lived together in two rooms the boy escaped from home as much as he could."

Bob of course is the middle class one who gets involved with the gang 'cos his evil mother insists on going out to work, so he becomes a "latch key kid"

"It was into this gang that Bob stumbled one night. It was about a week after his mother had begun to take the keys of the house with her, so that he couldn't get in till she came back at half past six. She left him some cake on a shelf in their little garden shed, but he never touched it.
"leaving food out for me as if i was the cat next door!" he grumbled to himself.
"I'll wait till she comes home & have supper--- proper supper, even if she has to cook it when she's tired."

Ho hum. Draw your own conclusions. I still love Enid Blyton books though!!! When i wrote my column Hootoo Home of Today for smiley - thepost i used lots of Enid quotes, you might enjoy this one for example:

A1037378 which mentions the 6 Bad Boys book.


Six Bad Boys

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Sho - employed again!

ah! I couldn't remember any of it (my books all fell foul of the military not giving us anywhere enough luggage allowance moving back from Germany smiley - wah)

That's why I feel so guilty about w**king!! smiley - winkeye

Six Bad Boys

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Sho - employed again!

fabulous article!

I had a June & Schoolfriend annual -it would have been in around 1971 I think. With a story about Joan of Arc. Whizzing stuff!

Six Bad Boys

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Oooh, i can beat that! I have:

Girls' Crystal Annual 1959
School Friend Annual 1956
School Friend Annual 1954

Includes such joys as:

"Susie's baffling deck-tennis pupil"
"Jo's amazing Maypole ride"
"A parrot, a plot & Geraldine"
"The secret of the holiday snapshot"
and last, but certainly not least:

"The gay adventurers & the Roman curios"


Six Bad Boys

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Sho - employed again!

oooooooooooo nice

I don't have mine any more though smiley - wah

our children's book collection has to be started from scratch, hence my current interest.

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