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Most famous of all time?

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In parts of the Western world, it may be correct to say that Peace is the "most famous rose of all time". The rest of the globe probably wouldn't agree. In the Near East, Middle East and Asia, roses were prized (and grown on a commercial scale for rose-water and attar of roses) centuries before the plant reached Europe. Yet the rose is now thought of as part of a "traditional" English garden.

Those Eastern, indigenous varieties of rose are still being cultivated. To be fair, the article did ackowledge the long history of roses. I suppose what I'm unhappy about is the ethnocentric view: that something which is well-known only in parts of Europe and the USA can be labelled "most famous ... of all time".

h2g2 has a global reach!

Most famous of all time?

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Kelly, Owlatron's American thundercat, and not creative enough to come up with a cool tag

I may sound like an idiot for saying this, but I have to.
I'm from eastern US and I've never even heard of the peace rose. When I think of a rose I immediately picture a red one (as I would assume most people do). I'd say that makes it pretty famous.

Most famous of all time?

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I agree this is like having a world series in a game noone else plays.
good entry though

Most famous of all time?

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Neil the Indefinite

I'm from England and I'd never heard of a Peace Rose either. Not that that stops it being the most famous of all time.

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