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Just bought some BBQ-flavour crispy worms!

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Frothblower (formerly Kazak, trying out a new name for size)

Hi, TPV, enjoyed your article. I've only eaten the odd insect by accident, but I like trying any kind of food. It seems quite rational to me that insects would be a good source of food, although I reckon there are a few exceptions. I just found a delicatessen which sold some insect-based confectionary and snacks. Very pricey, though. I bought a little pack of BBQ-flavoured oven-crisped mealworms, which I have with me in the cafe at this very moment. It cost £1.95 (UK sterling) for 1.4g !! By the way, I'm waiting 'til I get home before I guzzle them, you're not allowed to eat food you've brought into the cafe.

The annoying thing is, I used to breed mealworms to feed to my carnivorous plants and pet fire-bellied toad. They are SO easy to breed, and need very little attenion. If I'd cooked and sold them at that price, I'd be a multi-millionaire by now. But I suppose the problem is in establishing a secure market. It was interesting to see that poisons can be removed in the frying process. I had actually been wondering about that, and I was a bit wary of trying the chocolate-covered scorpions for this reason.

So, if you know any good mealworm recipes, please get in touch. I also get grasshoppers and crickets from the pet shop, but I haven't attempted to breed those. It would be interesting to have a look at a Thai cookery book, in which the writer had researched recipes using REAL Thai food, including insects.

Bon appetit, Alastair

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Just bought some BBQ-flavour crispy worms!

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