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The Traveler and His Dog - And 100 more from aesop.

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Dr Hell

Not much is known about Aesops life. He was a Greek collector of fables. He was born around 620 BC and was by birth a slave. His last master Jadmon gave him his liberty as a reward for his teachings. Then Aesop went on to laed a normal life messing a bit about with politics. His work has no copyrights. It can be downloaded at project Gutenberg:


Most of the fables (600+) are all very short, and have a smart learning message in the end. One example - my paraphrasing.

The Traveler and His Dog

A Traveler about to leave on a journey saw his Dog stand at the
door stretching himself. He asked the dog: "Why are you so lazy? Everything is ready but you, so come on..." The Dog replied: "Hey pal! *I* am quite ready; I am waiting for *you*."

Message: The loiterer often blames delay on his more active friend.

That's it. Download the file at Gutenberg (there's a search gadget there, search for aesop) and download the file. Enjoy the fables.


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The Traveler and His Dog - And 100 more from aesop.

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