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Oh, be a fine guy... (learning for exams)

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Remember stuff in exams? Cramming the day before. Works for me...smiley - winkeye

What I try to do is write out all my formulae, and copy them out lots and lots of times. Thus I can the day before the exam memorise enough to get me through, even if a week later they've all gone again. I also try to read them aloud before going to bed. So there are some formulae I can just write, and some that I can say - hopefully I'll remember them all some way. Of course some will always be indellibly written on my brain, so if you ever want to know the formula for the power output of a star, or the Time Independent Schroedinger Equation, I'm your girl....

My friend advocates writing them on all four edges of a piece of paper, ie writing them on the top, rotating the paper through 90 degrees so you can't see where you wrote them, writing them out again, rotating the paper etc. I tend to fold the paper over to hide them.

And just in case you ever need to remember the order of spectral classes of stars: Oh be a fine guy/girl*, kiss me (right now stupid) for OBAFGKM(RNS) (the ones in brackets aren't used much)

*choose according to gender preference

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Oh, be a fine guy... (learning for exams)

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