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sin x = opposite/hypoteneuse
cos x = adjacent/hypoteneuse
tan x = opposite/adjacent

soh cah toa

I've heard a few, but 'some old hags can always hide their own age' stuck most.


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The one I was told about and still remember is that:

Tommy On A
Ship Of His
Caught A Herring


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Melon Collie

The one that always stuck with me was "The Great Chief Sohcahtoa."

...as in:

"Sohcahtoa, Sohcahtoa, Tell me some mo-ah."

(thank you, Mr. Dimodica)


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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

"Now I even I
Would celebrate in rhymes unapt
The great immortal Syracusan
Rivaled nevermore
Who in his wondrous lore
Passed on before
Gave men his guidance
How to circles mensurate."

Count the letters, if the poem's theme hasn't already given the game away.smiley - winkeye


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3 . 1 4 1 5 9

Okay, that's as far as I know.
But how much more do you NEED to know, really?


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Metal Chicken

How I need a drink, alcoholic of course !

(is as far as I can remember and more digits than I've ever needed to know)


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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

'..after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics'.

Of course, now nursing your pi-induced hangover you'd be justified in asking 'May I have a large container of coffee?'... smiley - winkeye


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Okaaaay. But those sentences are far too easy to get confused, because you might think it was smiley - tea instead of smiley - coffee or cup instead of container.


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Researcher 203096

The one I remember best is Smiles Of Happiness Come After Having Tankards Of Ale. My maths teacher looked suitably embarrassed as she taught this to the class full of 12 year olds!


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I just recieved an email saying 'well done, something you wrote is in the edited guide' but can't see anything that I said in the entry.
Oh well, I'll take credit if they insist in giving it to me.

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