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Demon Drawer

Which colums forms upwards and which downwards in caves.

Stalictites hold tight (to the ceiling)
stalicmites might.


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It's like ants in the pants

The mites go up and the tites come down smiley - blush


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I remember being taught an amusing, if rather lengthy, mnemonic for the Geological Time Periods, thus:-

Pink = Precambrian
Camels = Cambrian
Often = Ordovician
Sit = Silurian
Down = Devonian
Carefully. = Carboniferous
Perhaps = Permian
Their = Triassic
Joints = Jurassic
Creak = Cretaceous
Painfully. = Paleocene
Early = Eocene
Oiling = Oligocene
Might = Miocene
Possibly = Pliocene
Prevent = Pleistocene
Rheumatism! = Recent

Tell you what, it works! I filled in almost all the time periods correctly without having to refer to my 28-year-old Geology textbook!!

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