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Flemings left and right hand rules

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If you place a wire with a current running though it in a magnetic field, it will move.

The left hand rule can be used to remember which direction the resultant movement will be in: Spread your thumb, first and second fingers (on your left hand) so that they are all at right angles to each other. Then orient your hand so that your First finger points in the direction of the magnetic Field, and your seCond finger is in the direction of Current flow. Your THumb will then be pointing in the direction of THrust. (eg - magnetic field flowing away from your body, forwards, current flow is left to right, resultign in thrust upwards)

If you move a wire in a magnetic field, a current is generated. The right hand rule can be used to remember the direction of current flow: again spread thumb, first and second fingers. Point your THumb in the direction of THrust, and First finger in the direction of the magnetic Field. Your seCond finger then points in the direcion of the resulting Current. (eg magnetic field is forwards, away from you, thrust is vertically upwards, resulting in current flowing from right to left)

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Flemings left and right hand rules

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