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Knuckle Months

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I know there are those daft rhymes for remembering how many days here are in each month... but I've always found knuckles easier. If you ball your fists and count off your knuckles from left to right, the knuckle bones (i.e. the high bits) show you the 31 day months (with balled fists your thumb knuckle is out of sight... and isn't included). So, on the left you have JANUARY - february - MARCH - april - MAY - june - JULY - AUGUST - september - OCTOBER - november - DECEMBER (the final month being the third knuckle on your right hand).

Well, heck... it helps me.

Knuckle Months

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Researcher 200649

What about that little poem "30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except February, which has 28" Some people swear by this, although it seems to me that remembering the order of the months in the poem is yet another thing to take up valuable brain space. I tend to use the knuckle trick, myself.

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