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Learning something by heart

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SchrEck Inc.

It's always been nearly impossible for me to learn poems or other things (like, for instance, in biology and anatomy where things are seemingly named arbitrarily, and not logically) by heart when I wasn't really interested in the subject. I've never really managed to learn how to learn by heart.

Later in my school career, when it was possible to choose which subjects I wanted to have my exam in, switched into more science-related subjects (maths, physics, computer science and so on). These subjects have the advantage that one has to understand the basic concepts and then everything else is fine, just learning them is of no use. I think a lot of people hate maths and related subjects because of this: if you don't really understand it, there's little chance of mastering it.

My advice regarding learning by heart: none. In fact I've given up. I prefer learning and understanding a small set of rules rather than a big amount of arbitrary facts. You know the saying 'Computer Scientists are lazy'? smiley - smiley

SchrEck Inc.

Learning something by heart

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Wand'rin star

Bother! I hoped you were going to give me some advice. I'm supposed to be word perfect by now on my part for a play that we're putting on in September. Guess what? I'm notsmiley - star

Learning something by heart

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Read you lines/the entire play onto a tape and play it in your sleep...It took me a while to figure out how I knew all the words to all the latest songs untill I twigged that I'd been sleeping with the radio on all night.

Learning something by heart

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sorry, that is the very old idea of sleep learning, which has been thouroughly discredited. the closest it comes to working is that you are very relaxed just as you are going to sleep and this helps you to remember stuff.

on the seperate point of remembering stuff by just learning it all, that is less difficult to do than you would think.

all you have to do (and it isn't as easy as it sounds) is to link it all together as you learn it.

for example when learning lines, you use the other characters lines as prompts to remind you of what you are going to say next.

for numbers, you try and split big numbers up into sections that are easy to remember. so if you have to remember something like 74236524 you do it by splitting it up as 7 (a prime number) 42 (I don't really have to mention why this is memorable do I?) 365 (days in the year) 24 (hours in the day).

with a little bit of practice this becomes relatively easy as you start building up a set of these hooks to hang your memories off.

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