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Advice for Student who Can't Remember Anything

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Lucrecia (Knight of an Unusual Amount of Healing Items, Movie Buff Extraordinaire - A809958)

This is a bit crude, but it works for me: Write all of your assignments on the inside of your wrist where you'll notice it out of the corner of your eye a lot. I always forget that I wrote it there and then look down and get a little reminder! This works best if you only have to remember one or two things at a time!

My mom always begs me to use my planner... But I either forget to write things down or forget to look in it once I get home from school!


Advice for Student who Can't Remember Anything

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Researcher 177704

I always write things that i want to remember on revision cards, and stick them to the ceiling above me bed. Not only do i see the reminders/revision notes every time i go to bed and get up, but the labourious task of actually sticking the stupid things to the ceiling helps whatever it is that i'm trying to remember to stick in my mind.

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