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Distiguishing Left and Right

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Dyspraxia is a terrible curse (my father suffers from it - actually he has it, the rest of us suffer smiley - winkeye) and he has great difficulty knowing, quickly, which is left and which is right. (As do I) What he does to remember is hold his hand out, palm down with the thumb at right angle to the palm, creating an 'L' for left...

Distiguishing Left and Right

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When I was a child, I had trouble remembering right from left. One day i discovered a tiny birthmark on my right hand, which I hadn't noticed before. I called it 'the right birthmark' and always knew that whichever side the birthmark was on, was right. Even now, when i find telling left from right simple, whenever i see the birthmark i think 'oh, that's my right hand'.

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Distiguishing Left and Right

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