A Conversation for Investigation into the Quantity of Heat

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I dabble a bit in Chemistry myself, so let me point something out.
"Every quanta of heat added after this phases liquid water into vaporous water (steam)."
Let me give you the specific heats for the various stages of H2O:
C Ice = 2.0 joules/gram
Heat of Fusion(Hf) = 333 Joules/gram
C Water = 4.184 Joules/gram
Heat of Vaporization(Hv-this is the one that seems in error to me) = 2260 Joules/gram
C Steam = 2.1 Joules/gram

2260 Joules seems to be much higher than a quanta ( I forget the number for a quanta at the moment...)

Nice job of tackling this subject though.

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C=Specific Heat

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ARGH, I knew I'd do that
Steams C = 2.0 J/g
Ices C = 2.1J/g

Quite nice...

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Right, but even when one J is added, a tiny bit of water turns into steam... It doesn't happen 1 gram at a time.smiley - smiley

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