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Steve K.

In a previous lifetime, I was a chemical engineer, learning more than I ever wanted to know about temperature, heat and moving the latter around (basically what goes on in, say, an oil refinery). The classic (and still current?) text is/was Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot, "Transport Phenomena". Amazon's description:

"Treats momentum transport (viscous flow), energy transport (heat conduction, convection, and radiation), and mass transport (diffusion). All topics are organized around the ``equations of change'': the equations of motion, energy, and continuity."

So its sort of applied physical chemistry (thermodynamics). One example I vaguely recall is going from liquid water to water vapor (steam) without ever boiling. The temperature and pressure are adjusted to avoid the "two-phase region" on the pressure-temperature diagram (phase diagram). I recall some professor set up a demo, cool stuff (no pun intended) for Chem. E. geeks. smiley - bigeyes

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