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The Bishop

I have been a diabetic since age 1, and I feel that if the time comes that they can transplant a pancreas, would you do it? I think i would not, becaus for me my lifestyle is normal. Certainly, if I have problems with my eyes and feet, I will have to get the transplant, but otherwise, no.

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I was diagnosed at 12 and am now 22. I am starting to show complications such as rapid heart rate, Low blood pressure and Gastro-Intestinal problems. With or without theese complications I would definately have a transplant. I miss my life before diagnoses.

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Ive been diabetic for 12 years and have never had any problems with my health and would say i wouldnt at the moment, unless my control worsened. All the drugs that are required to stop the body rejected the new organ would, i feel, be worse than having to take 4 injections a day.

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I've had type I diabetes for 34 years. Since I was diagnosed, research has discovered that type I diabetes results from a combination of genetic type and the immune system attacking the pancreas (the reasons for the attack are unclear). I wouldn't have a transplant until we know and can address what triggers the immune system to attack the pancreas - if I did, since I already have a susceptible genetic type and the cell-destroying antibodies, I could become diabetic all over again.

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