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'Furry' or 'Anthro'

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'Furry' or 'Anthro', which one fits better? I personally choose the latter. An 'Anthro' could be any human-animal hybrid; mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish or others. A 'Lycanthro' is a shapeshifter that can transform into a human, an animal & a human-animal hybrid. Any comments?

'Furry' or 'Anthro'

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Ah, good question. Seeing as the others have recently cleared off, it's just me and.. yeah, maybe Silver.

I think that it depends on where you stand, I'd say furry but others would say anthro and main reason is due to sound of the word. Furry isn't as "hard" sounding as anthro is, anthro sounds technical and slightly pointyheaded but furry just says fluff and other soft, cute things which, even though it doesn't seem that way, represents to an extent Furry as a whole. Sure, it might be incorrect to say you're a furry if you're a dragon for instance *techinically* but the culture is predominantly with fur and not with scales, feathers or indeed with minimal skin cover so Furry it is, even if anthro is a much more correct and better fitting terminology. Consider it to be like human [furry] if you want to be vague and homo erectus [anthropomorph] should you want to be anally retentive, slightly spooty and above all, correct.

Lycanthro? I'm near certain any fur (or anthro) worth their hind paws knows what one is.

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