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The Captain

The movie of Watchmen seemed to get received mixed reveiws, but personally it is one of my favourite films. The colour scheme from the graphic novel is used well, the acting is outstanding and the style and feel of it seems to work realy well.
One very small problem is that, watching for the first time, yu don't really notice the minor characters (news agent ect) until the very end. Another point you miss is a certain ginger person (with a sign reading: the end is nigh) "keeping tabs" on nite throughout the entire film.

How ever I would still give it 5*s

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My feeling is they did the very best they could. They couldn't have made a better job of translating the comic book into a movie. That does not make it a good movie - there are all sorts of problems with it. Crucially, however, most of what's wrong with it is to do with its forgivable insistence on remaining faithful to the comic. As a fan of the book, I'd much rather have that than have a director take liberties to produce something that stands better as a film.

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