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It may sound snobbish but I can't stand them!
Though I cannot taste plastic with them they make a difference to the flavour of the wine.. corks interact with wine and impart their own character.. You can actually really taste a difference if an old bottle of red has had to be recorked during its maturation period and this not down to the very brief exposure to air while the cork is replaced.
Many of us never have the chance to drink a truly fine wine but I experienced the difference when I bought a half case of Pomerol one bottle of which had been recorked and was clearly inferior to the other 5 bottles.
White is very rarely matured long enough in the bottle for the cork to make a difference though there are exceptions to this in Champagne, some whites like Mersault and desert wines. Myself I would not even open a bottle of Champagne if it had a plastic cork.. I would take it straight back!
As to environmental concern.. I will use this as a new approach to argue against them with my wine merchant, thanks for this one!

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Plastic Corks

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