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Clapham Kebab House, Clapham, London, UK

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On Clapham High Street approximately, 500 feet from the entrance to the Clapham North Underground Station, lies, in the opinion of some, the greatest kebab shop in the known world - the Clapham Kebab House. From opening in mid-afternoon until well after the pubs close, the Clapham Kebab House offers diners (and wandering drunks) a spectacular array of kebabs, doner, falafel, and of course, chips. The management is always friendly and the service quick; arguably a rare feat for any London establishment.

As for the food1, the regular lamb doner is an excellent choice for those returning home from an evening of drinking. The chilli sauce is superb and the salad is always fresh, even after the pubs have closed (although this impression could be the result of having had a few too many at said pub). The falafel is also quite good. The chips, however, although cut more like fries than chips, are the best chips anywhere on the planet, even better than Nectar's2. If in London, it is worth the trip to Clapham for lunch just to try the chips.

1Sadly, at the time of writing, the chicken doner (this Researcher's favourite) has been discontinued.2A Burlington, VT bar and restaurant noted for having the best cheese fries anywhere and also for having been the venue of the band Phish's first public show.

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