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PMS symptoms and how I deal with them

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Thankssmiley - ta for this entry.. It's a relief to know I'm not the only one who goes through this every month.I have just been through PMS and as usual, it sucks! At this time, I feel allsmiley - wah and anything can set me off. I also seem to get more accident prone at this time (is that normal, or is it just me?smiley - erm) I tend to also get the stomach cramps, backaches, and headaches (although not migraines thankfully) that make me feel totally miserable.smiley - sadface A really bad thing about it is that when I'm unhappy I don't see why everyone else should be happy (not good, is it?)and I just think customers (I work in a bookshop) deliberately do things to annoy me(paranoia setting in). Basically, I should have a government health warning posted on my forehead when I'm premenstrual. Anyone with any sense would then be able tosmiley - run in the opposite direction! I can be nit-picky at the best of times, but it is worse at this time. The least little thing can send me into a stroppy mood. I've also had sore nipples and this coupled with lank greasy hair (I do wash it but the sebum producing glands seem to work overtime)make me a very attractive proposition to get to know! (Spot the irony in that last sentence!) As for the cure, well.. I do just try to get on with things as much as possible. smiley - chocsmiley - cakeand coffee certainly help, but I would hesitate to recommend this for everybody, as we're all individuals. I don't like taking drugs if possible unless the symptoms get unbearable.. I know I get unbearable at this time, but when I'm not premenstrual, I'm a pussycat really! Honest! Sorry this has turned into war and peace but I had to get this off my chest (as it were!) I promise I'll be in my usual smiley - biggrin mode again soon. Childoftheseventies.P.S. That's another symptom.. Rambling on and on...

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PMS symptoms and how I deal with them

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