A Conversation for Dealing with Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Period Pain

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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Still Incognitas, Still Chairthingy, Still lurking, Still invisible, unnoticeable, missable, unseen, just haunting h2g2

I know this sounds mean but it's the only way I survive.When my period arrives(and these days I get little warning as I'm no longer as regular) I instantly warn my family.My husband and children know what expect and just try and weather the storm.I ALWAYS apologise before and afterwards.Indeed my daughter understands fully what is happening as her PMS is much worse than mine and she makes the same announcements herself.My son learns to hide himself in his room when we are both in tandem and my husband has learned to be sympathetic without making too much of a fuss of us both.He has also learned not to make any out of the usual demands at this time too.

I've tried primrose oil and everything else suggested but nothing really works.Eating chocolate is a temporary relief as is alchohol but as my periods are accompanied most months by the very worst of 3 day migraines I tend to avoid both during the 7 days of my period.Yes I said 7 days 4 of which are usually VERY heavy and extremely painful.Indeed some nights I wake up with the cramps they are so severe.Luckily bloating and painful breasts are an intermittant problem only occurring one period in 4.

Exercise has never,ever been effective apart from swimming.Running or walking or anything else just make me feel worse.The only 2 things that I have found to relieve the stress is to make up an aromotherepy massage oil with a drop of Lavender,Camomile and Rose Geranium essential oils.With this I give myself a face and neck massage before lying down to sleep.This is particularly helpful too if I have a migraine.The other is a hotwater bottle for the cramps.

One other solution(if posssible) is to watch weepy movies and eat something sweet(dried fruit is good) and thus get over the poor little me depression that descends at this time.A good supply of tissues is essential.No one will object if you monopolise the tv for a few hours(they daren't)as it will make you feel better.

I sometimes think that the Muslim idea of Purdah at this time sounds a very sensible idea.

Incog who having begun at age 11 is wondering at nearly 50 when it is all going to finish?Roll on the menopause which apparently I'm in the very first stage of.Rats!!!smiley - wah

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

Hi there Incognitas smiley - biggrin

I'd like to make a suggestion for you (ducks head and hopes it isn't that moontime).....

I too suffer from crazy hormones, but that's due to having polycystic ovarian syndrome. I've found that Chinese medicine works wonders for ladies' concerns, and from what you've posted here, it sounds like your situation could greatly benefit from taking some Chinese herbs.

If I could, I'd prescribe them for you right now, but that would involve taking a thorough case history, examining your pulses, looking at your tongue (maybe your stomach), looking at your face and eyes, and listening to your voice...so as you can see, it would be better if you went to see an acupuncturist/herbalist to do all this in person!

If you're not a fan of needles, then you could always try Shiatsu (which is based on all the same principles as acupuncture, but uses pressure and massage over your entire [clothed] body instead of putting needles into a few points) - which has the massive benefit of being wonderfully relaxing........ *sigh*

Have you tried clary sage essential oil for your period pains? I suffer from some terrible cramps sometimes, and I've found that massaging the oil into my lower belly and back really helps take the edge of the pain. I've also found that drinking raspberry leaf tea a great help, and chamomile tea helps my complaining uterus to relax too.

Hope this helps,

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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Still Incognitas, Still Chairthingy, Still lurking, Still invisible, unnoticeable, missable, unseen, just haunting h2g2

Oh thank you for the offer but I think I'll survive.I'm trying to avoid going down the strong medicine road for as long as I can.I've just bounced into the latest period quite easily for once.I suspect having a heavy head cold masked it's arrival.Should have guessed from the sore nipples but I was distracted.

Anyway the tea suggestion is one that I may try.I already drink Earl Grey with added oil of Bergamot,Chamomile tea and something called Valerian tea which is excellent for insomnia and for when my migraine is so painful I can't sleep.In fact a cup sounds good about now before I toddle off to bed.I'll also look out for that sage oil too.I did use to grow Lady's Mantle which is supposed to be good for the cramps but I have never found a recipe for using it.

I have to say that I'm not averse to the needles it's just finding a practioner at a reasonable cost.Even aromatherapy costs round here.
However if things do get really bad I guess I'll just have to try going to the doctor but I suspect from the conversation I had 5 years ago with him he is fond of the HRT routine which I'm not keen on because of my family medical history.

Love Incog.

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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I don't really have much advise, but i'm glad i'm not the only one who suffers with similar symptoms to yours. It can be hellish sometimes!

Have you ever tried migraleve for your migraines? I know its not natural medicine but it does usually do the trick for me if i can catch it in time (otherwise i get really poorly and feel sick).

Also i bought some Peppermint spray from Boots which your spray on your bedding before going to bed. It really does relax you.

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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Still Incognitas, Still Chairthingy, Still lurking, Still invisible, unnoticeable, missable, unseen, just haunting h2g2

My daughter has developed very bad migraines this last year and has got some excellent pills from her doctor.However her problem which is also my problem is that the migraines quite often present themselves with NO advanced warning at all,particularly those that one wakes up with smiley - erm.

I tried migraleve many years ago and due to this inability to know when a migraine is due always prevented me from taking it in time.

Incidently when I do get the warning flashing lights I never seem to develop the actual headache mainly because I immediately stop everything,take medication and sit quietly until the lights have gone.In fact if I get them when driving I stop until they go.This seems to be enough to prevent a headache from starting.

smiley - tea

Grin and bear it and alternatives

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

Hi Incognitas
smiley - biggrin

I've found a good website about homoeopathy that you can search through and find the remedy that is right for you - I'v put some links to it at the bottom of this post. Obviously it would be better to see a qualified homoepath, but they're not cheap! I've seen one advertise at £65 for the initial consultation...
Mind you the consultation does take 1 /2 - hours.

I get migraines from time to time, so I can sympathise with how awful they are. smiley - ill
Homoepathy can be useful for migraines. When I have migraines I get the weird lights and I then know that I have about 30 minutes to get to a quiet dark place before the pain hits. If I try and swallow any medication after that initial 30 minutes, I vomit, so the right homoeopathic remedy comes in handy as I don't have to swallow it, just let it dissolve in my mouth. I then find I can sleep more easily and I don't feel like I need to shoot myself in the head to get rid of the pain... so that's a bonus!

The searchable page:

Here's some stuff about PMS:

Some stuff about migraines:

Some stuff about menstruation in general:

I hope this is of some use!
smiley - rainbow

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