A Conversation for Baked Potato Toppings and Fillings

Cheesey Baked Spuds - or 'Cowboy Food'

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

My mum does a cracking simple baked potato recipe:


A willing potato
Some grated cheddar

Bake the potato as normal, then once it's done, cut into it and scoop out all of the potato, leaving just the skin. Now mash the potato with a big helping of the grated cheddar and then refill the skin with your new potato/cheese mix. Sprinkle the remaining cheddar on top and either pop it back into the over or, if it will fit, under a grill. This makes the potato skin a little crisper and also toasts the cheese to give it a nice firm crust.

Serve with a couple of burger patties and beans - Cowboy dinner!


Cheesey Baked Spuds - or 'Cowboy Food'

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Chadsmoor Charlie

Instead of cheddar, try stilton and bacon mashed with the cooked potato - I can feel myself drooling!

Charlie smiley - chick

Cheesey Baked Spuds - or 'Cowboy Food'

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random fat bird

Try it with some mozzarella and tuna...... No need to have anything else with it if you get a big enough spud, everything you need is already theresmiley - smiley

Hot Cheesey Baked Spuds - or 'Cowboy Food'

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Demon Drawer

Once baked open and fill with cheese of your choosing. Then sprinle some paprika pepper over it to taste to have a spicey hot varient on plain cheese. Place back under the grill for a minute to let the cheese melt with the paprika through it.

Hot Cheesey Baked Spuds - or 'Cowboy Food'

Post 5

random fat bird

Oooooh, that sounds lovely Demon Drawer.... I love paprika..... *makes mental note to test that some time this week*

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