A Conversation for Growing Up in the 1980s

I will admit that I wore

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World Service Memoryshare team

At the time, and I emphasise *at the time* I loved my all my clothes.

Grey and maroon jacket, with grey trousers and maroon slip ons (topped off the with the remnants of a perm).

Turquoise and black polka dot shirt with pinstripe tight jeans and yellow espadrilles. (with *side* ponytail)

Yellow looseknit jumper with grey and blue ra-ra skirt (into make up then and thought that blue and and pink eyeshadow went well together.)

I also had some white brogues. *What* was I thinking? Also remember wearing yellow lipstick. Can't say I have a clue why.

I will admit that I wore

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Jimi X


For a while I did the whole suit jacket with a complement of rock and punk band pins on the lapels, button down white shirt, skinny black tie, sunglasses, fedora-style hat and baggy pants...

Then I gave it all up for a type of grunge look before there was grunge complete with the long pony-tail and combat boots...

I don't know which look was worse - the first was silly, the second was just ugly. smiley - laugh

I will admit that I wore

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And I'd have envied one of you, and fancied the other smiley - yikes oh dear...

Tight jeans were mentioned. Skin tight, stretch denim. We would sew the legs as tight as possible so you had to pour yourself in, and lie prone on the floor to zip them up. Even the slightest hint of loose fabric was deemd to be 'flares'. They were sooo uncomfortable!

Above and below the jeans, the clothes and shoes had to match. everything was, for a brief, dreadful period, colour co-ordinated. Pastel tops, shoes, hair clips the lot. Euch!

I will admit that I wore

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World Service Memoryshare team

Jimi, I agree with Cloviscat, I would definitely have fancied you in that lot! There was a teacher in my school who had one of those slim ties, he also had a moustache and a mullet. He was lovely smiley - loveblush

Cloviscat, you had some too! smiley - hug You've just reminded me of another outfit I had. How about this... Pastel pink pencil skirt, with pastel pink and pastel yellow striped polo shirt with no sleeves.

I will admit that I wore

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a girl who used to get on my bus every morning wore a pencil skirt so tight she couldn't bend her knees enough to get upstairs.

i remember wearing tight faded-black jeans, black ankle boots, red and black checked shirt, red braces and red tank top. or yellow roll up (to mid-calf) jeans with a yellow and pink stripy tshirt and yellow baseball boots (in the days before trainers).

the thing about 80s fashion for girls was that it was not really very revealing - lots of big baggy tops. fair enuf, they may have been belted at the waist, but it hardly compared to today's tight little midriff-showing type stuff that most teens and even pre-teens seem to wear.

I will admit that I wore

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Leg warmers (because we all wanted to be in 'Fame'), bat wing jumpers, snoods...

We want a need an 80s revival! smiley - smiley

Ooooh those Katharine Hamnet T-shirts with the slogans on, that were then taken up by everyone especially Frankie goes to Hollywood fans. Hamnet had gone to Downing Street with a Tshirt that said 'No to Cruise' on it and the nation was hooked!

I will admit that I wore

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Demon Drawer

I still have about 5 skinny leather ties in my wardrobe black, red, white, blue and keyboard.

AS well as few very eighties jackets with power padded shoulders and flecks of colour through two and white through the other.

The horrifying thing is that they still fit.

I will admit that I wore

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*thwaps DD with a wet fish*

What! That is scary. I've put six inches on my waist since the 80s smiley - yikes

Although having said that the eighties were for *tight* clothes so I may have been somewhat snug in my troosers smiley - winkeye

I will admit that I wore

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Actually I have to say I really liked my snood, later on I realised it made me look all Bladerunner-ish. But at the time I felt like a monk!

I will admit that I wore

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Demon Drawer

Don't forget that at the end of the 80's there were baggy cargo pants de rigeur

I will admit that I wore

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early 80's:
Post Hippy gets married to Punk, and the offspring lived smiley - sadface
Drainpipe jeans so tight that they would NOT come off after a night out. Black mascara, black lipstick, teased hair - and that was just us boys!

mid 80's:
The pastels, or the time that taste disowned.
Pink and grey *cocktail lounges*, weren't we Sooo sophisticated? Pastel yellow ties

late 80's:
Black is this years new, erm, Black...

Thank Bob for alzheimers, one day (hopefully) I will forget that stone washed denim ever existed...

I will admit that I wore

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World Service Memoryshare team

Pixie boots! I had blue suede ones with tassels. Mmmmmm smiley - smiley

Also *cringe* I remember another outfit... cerise jumper (polo shirt style) with a green knitted pencil-type skirt with co-ordinating cerise tights and cerise shoes! smiley - blush

Also had a funky dogtooth black and white jacket smiley - cool

I will admit that I wore

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Dog tooth - MMmmm

My mother turned up today to do the gardening in some opf my old 80's clothes - how's that for an embarrassing flashback?

Batwing jumpers - I had one that was backless as well - not very practical as it just flopped forward!

I also had one of *those* perms....

I will admit that I wore

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Ooo I had blue suede pixie boots with tassels too. Oh how I loved them.

I remember going out wearing those skin tight jeans and refusing to drink all evening - I knew if I had to go to the loo I'd *never* get them back on.

Has anyone mentioned ra-ra skirts yet? One that stick out in the memory as a white and blue polka dot version - major fashion victim!

If we had an 80s fashion revival I'd have to go on a very strict diet first smiley - sadface

I will admit that I wore

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Chadsmoor Charlie

My pixie boots were burgandy.

At one point I was wearing pastel blue eyeliner...with matching button earrings (I recently found some old 80s photos, cringe!) And I had a white plastic shopping bag to carry my school books in. I really thought I was something.

I'm sure I remember wearing a yellow skirt with blue harlequin patterned tights (of course that may not have been the 80s, it might just have been my own misguided sense of "style"!)

At least we've got the comfort of knowing we'll NEVER look that naff again!

Charlie smiley - chick

I will admit that I wore

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Here's one for you from the States - I was a Teen in the mid 80's

Madonna Wannabes - I had it bad!!! Stretch blach pants, a thousand neon and black o rings on my wrists, big dangle earrings(heart shapes mostly), teased hair with one part drooping over my right eye, tank tops layered with see thru lace blouses or mid riff tops ( which I changed into at school so my moms wouldn't see me), bubble gum - ALWAYS! and too much attitude!

I will admit that I wore

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A Frankie Says Why Did We Bother Back Then?
T-shirt , which i'd printed specially in the old 80's frankie font for my school reunion.

Nobody wanted it in any of their pictures becuase i really was taking the micheal, and finally getting my own back on some of the people who'd been shytes to me during the 80's.

with my nik kershaw para trousers, my big jelled hair and my fred perry shirts.

yes, i did look like that for about 6 months.

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